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Nanny Contract Template

Nanny Contract Template

Use our nanny contract template to create a document that lays out the terms, rules, and expectations for your children’s new nanny.

What to Know Before Using our Nanny Contract Template

A nanny will be an hourly or salaried employee. Even though they are your employee, they will be a vital part of your family structure. It is important that you have alternate contact information for your nanny. Doing so can help you locate your children or request their help in case of an emergency.

A nanny contract template should look to lay out a few important topics such as discussing hours and pay. Other topics can include expectations for what they will be doing while working as well as prohibited actions.

In your original agreement, you should lay out what type of compensation your nanny will be receiving. In addition to compensation, you should enumerate what time off they get for holidays. Furthermore, you should discuss any additional benefits such as health insurance or payments towards school costs.

Another important part of your nanny contract template is to include a list of responsibilities. Modify this section to fit your needs but it can include routine transportation to school or sporting events. This part of the agreement should discuss any details about having a personal vehicle and maintaining insurance on it should be required. Furthermore, describe if the nanny responsibilities include cooking or cleaning on top of looking after the children. The goal of this section is to outline responsibilities so that each party has a clear agreement and can understand when the job is being done properly.

What to Include to Protect Your Children

As your nanny will be spending a considerable amount of time with your children, you should list activities that are entirely prohibited such as smoking or if the nanny is allowed to have personal friends at your house or around your children.

Finally, you should include general information about your children such as food allergies or medical conditions. Bringing up these topics during the immediate contract discussions will allow your nanny to understand their responsibilities while spurring an ongoing conversation about your children’s safety.

Nanny Contract