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Lease Proposal Template

Lease Proposal Template

Our lease proposal template allows you to propose the terms for a lease agreement between the landlord and tenant. Among other things our lease proposal agreement permits a landlord to designate what the property will be used for. This can include office space, commercial use, or retail. In addition, it allows the parties to specify other important terms of the lease agreement. This is key as parties can do so without having to prepare a lease for negotiation purposes.

What to Know Before Using our Lease Proposal Template

A lease proposal template allows the landlord or company to detail what items will be included in the rent. This can include utilities, telephone, cable, internet access, and other expenses.

Not only can a lease proposal be used for new tenants, however, this document can be given to current renters who have a renewal option for an ongoing lease. Having this document allows you to outline any rent increases or additional utilities that the tenant will be responsible for.

Another benefit that this document offers is where you would note either a month-to-month tenancy continuing after the initial—or extended-term had passed. This also applies to automatic renewals if no 30-day advance notice will be given. Finally, this document could indicate that there are no renewal options at all.

An important characteristic of this document is that it initiates a conversation between two parties that will eventually lead to a binding contract. This document is not an “offer,” that the  tenant can just “accept.” A new final document will have to be drafted and either accepted by phone, email, or signature before any of the contents described in this document will become final.

Use our lease proposal template to create a document that details the information for a tenant to start renting property.

Lease Proposal