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Landlord Welcome Letter Template

Landlord Welcome Letter Template

Use our landlord welcome letter template to welcome your new tenant into your building while also familiarizing them with the rules and expectations that come with staying at your rental property.

What to Know Before Using our Landlord Welcome Letter Template

Our letter explains your tenant's responsibilities. This includes information such as the day rent is due or forms of accepted payment methods. If you manage multiple properties or own one large building this portion of the document is key. Giving tenants a reference point for payments can help avoid potential confusion.

This landlord welcome letter also provides information about your property's rules and regulations, emergency contacts, and maintenance request instructions. Putting each piece of information in a written document given to tenants upon their arrival has many benefits. Not only are you ensuring that they understand important information, however, you are also protecting yourself legally.

No matter the property, your tenants should receive a landlord welcome letter. This letter will have the proper emergency and building management information. For example, a pipe could burst in the middle of the night in a tenant's apartment. If they do not have the proper contact information, the water damage will be much worse by morning when the regular maintenance staff arrives. This example is not exclusive to water damage as contact information will help tenants stay safe during any emergency.

As good property management begins and ends with superb documentation, start the relationship with your new tenant off right with our landlord welcome letter template.

Landlord Welcome Letter