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Landlord Consent to Assignment Template

Landlord Consent to Assignment Template

Use our landlord consent to assignment template to grant permission to your tenant so they can sublease their rental property and transfer the responsibilities of the original lease to another person.

What to Know Before Using our Landlord Consent to Assignment Template

As a landlord, we aim to offer you extra protection in this agreement. Our agreement is specifically designed so that the new tenant who will become the sublessee is included in the agreement. This protects your property as it allows you to have a say on who stays at your property. Furthermore, this also benefits the landlord by requiring tenants to create a new agreement each time they wish to sublease. This provision ensures that you know who is staying on your property. Thus, allowing you to complete the proper background checks on these subtenants.

Finally, attaching and focusing on portions of the original lease acts like a catchall. This portion of the document is important as it places all the agreements and clauses onto the new tenant. This ensures that the new tenant will employ the same stands of care onto your property while also allowing you to continue a constant stream of income.

Use our landlord consent to assignment document to quickly create a contract that details how the subtenant will act while also protecting yourself and the sublessor.

Landlord Consent to Assignment