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Joint Custody Agreement Template

Joint Custody Agreement Template

Use our joint custody agreement template to lay out the details of how you and your ex-spouse will co-parent your children after you finalize your separation.

What to Know Before Using our Joint Custody Agreement Template

Our joint custody agreement addresses issues such as physical and legal custody, visitation schedules, health insurance, and holidays and vacations.

Our joint custody agreement assumes that both parents will want to meet and exchange the children between residencies at a pre-agreed upon location. In an attempt to make things easy for both parties, this also assumes that they will meet at the same time each week. However, this can be changed. Feel free to include this information in the section of the document that discusses visitation.

In order to mitigate potential conflict, you should have a calendar nearby when filling this joint custody agreement out. This ensures that you do not forget any holidays that you might later wish to spend with your child. You should take a similar approach when creating a birthday or vacation schedule.  While holidays and birthdays are static events, you will need to plan your vacations as far in advance as possible.

You and your ex-spouse's financial situations may change while you raise your child. Thus, when filing this joint custody agreement you should discuss which parent will be responsible for insurance.

Finally, as each state has individualized joint custody laws, make sure you understand your state-specific laws or reach out to an attorney who can assist you in creating this document to ensure compliance.

Joint Custody Agreement