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Intellectual Property Sale Agreement Template

Intellectual Property Sale Agreement Template

Use our intellectual property sale agreement template to identify your intellectual property rights, the assets and liabilities attached to them, and the fees or process associated with the sale of these entities.

What to Know Before Using our Intellectual Property Sale Agreement Template

When selling your intellectual property, one of the most important aspects of the sale is consideration. Consideration is necessary to create a legal contract. This concept refers to both parties involved in a sale exchanging something that has monetary value. In this case, the creator of intellectual property gives this creation to someone in exchange for a sum of money.

There is another important piece of information concerning consideration. Consideration not paid in full with one lump sum of money or the financing option is not complete. In this case, the creator of the intellectual property can still have a say concerning what happens with the material.

As the intellectual property can be sold and bought before the material is registered or has a patent, you, as the buyer, should ensure that you will be able to protect the material once you buy it. Check out other Intellectual Property Templates that may be of interest to you:

Intellectual Property Sale Agreement