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Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Use our independent contractor agreement template to create a contract that outlines what work the contractor will be doing and what kind of compensation will be given by the client in exchange for this work.

What to Know Before Using our Independent Contractor Agreement Template

An independent contractor agreement lays out a lot of important information. This includes if the client will be expected to provide workspace and what systems or materials will be available. This portion of the document does not only include requests for physical objects or spaces; however, it also deals with information such as prompt overview of necessary product orders to help move the job along.

Aside from what services you will require from your client, you should be upfront with pricing. This includes pricing for a project as well as your companies’ hourly rate. Including the hourly rate is important in case you need to extend the project.

Finally, as the time frame and services required changes as the project continues, you should consider having an extension of agreement. This contract allows you to continue working on your project rather then iron out details to create a new contract.

As each state has individualized independent contractor laws, make sure you understand your state-specific laws. If the contract is difficult to understand, reach out to an attorney who can assist you in creating this document to ensure compliance.


Independent Contractor Agreement