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General Warranty Deed Template

General Warranty Deed Template

If you are looking to transfer ownership of a piece of real estate, our general warranty deed will help you do so fast and efficiently.

What You Should Know Before Using Our General Warranty Deed Template

When you are buying real estate, a general warranty deed offers a property buyer the best protection and benefits. Comparing this deed to other major property deeds, it is clear why this contract is a real estate favorite.

By choosing this deed, the real estate seller (grantor) is saying to the buyer (grantee) that they own the property. Or at least a portion of it and have the ability to transfer ownership to you. This characteristic is important as it ensures that the person selling you the property has full ownership of their stake.

Furthermore, the owner is stating that the property title is free from any debts or claims. This goes for the entire history of the property. Finally, if there are any problems with the property title, the owner is responsible to pay the fees necessary to reconcile these debts. This statement is why a general warranty deed shines in comparison to other deeds as it protects your assets and allows you to buy a property that will not have financial or legal issues attached to it.

With the basics of a general warranty deed laid out, it is easy to see why this document and its excellent buyer protections should be utilized by everyone who is looking to purchase real property.

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General Warranty Deed