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Facility Rental Agreement Template

Facility Rental Agreement Template

Use our facility rental agreement template to quickly create a contract to rent out your property for day, weekend, or week-long events.

What to Know Before Using Our Facility Rental Agreement Template

Our facility rental agreement template is a great option for property owners who rent their space out for a few days a year or landlords who rent their venues out every weekend. In either case, it is important that you have this document on hand. Doing so ensures that every new prospective renter can review the terms and conditions attached to your property. By giving them this document, they are easily able to choose what day they wish to hold their event.

Our document aims to protect the facility owner in this agreement. Below are a few important tips to consider before employing a facility rental agreement on your property.

  1. When discussing costs in a facility rental agreement template, make sure to factor in set-up and clean-up time in addition to the event period. This will allow your staff to be properly compensated without taking extra money out of your pockets.
  2. During peak seasons for your venue, you should fix prices as well as keep the general fees higher. While the off-season for your property should incorporate more room for price negotiation.
  3. The lessor should require the lessee to give a non-refundable deposit thirty days before the event date. This deposit helps to lock in the prospective tenant while also giving you enough time to find a new renter if they back out of the deal. Make sure this deposit is notated on the agreement so the lessee is aware of the provision.

Finally, make it clear that your insurance does not cover the client, their guests, or their personal property while they use your venue.

Use our facility rental agreement to start making money off of your venue are today.

Facility Rental Agreement