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Extension of Agreement Template

Extension of Agreement Template

Our extension of agreement template lets you quickly create a document used to extend an ongoing contract with another party.

What to Know Before Using our Extension of Agreement Template

This agreement can be extremely versatile. For example, maybe a contractor needs more time to complete a job. Or perhaps your partnership is going so well. In this case, you can extend the original agreement without changing many of the terms from the initial contract.

As explained above, the reasons for an extension of agreement template can vary depending on the situation. Thus, it is important that when you begin to write this agreement, you understand the goals of this extension. On the other side, you should note these goals in the contract so you and your business partner are on the same page.

These goals could include giving a contractor an extra week or month to complete a project, or they could be geared towards turning a short-term contract into a long-term business partnership. Before finalizing, you should make sure both parties communicate so that they understand why the contract is being extended.

This also applies if you are the one signing this extension of agreement template as you want to make sure you spend time reviewing the provisions. Reviewing the document is an important step of the process as you do not want to assume you are agreeing to something when it is not specifically listed in the contract.

Use our extension of agreement template to quickly and easily create a document extending an ongoing contract.

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Extension of Agreement