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Employment Separation Agreement Template

Employment Separation Agreement Template

Use our employment separation agreement template to finalize all terms of separation between an employer and employee.

What to Know Before Using our Employment Separation Agreement Template

Whether an employee is fired, resigns, or furloughed, our employment separation agreement will help your company. Our document covers all necessary separation issues to ensure a smooth and safe transition. Below are a few important provisions to understand before filling out this agreement:

  1. Our document employs a specific provision focused on protecting the employer from legal action. Once signed, this clause acts as a safety net. Employees that sign this agreement cannot leave your business and then sue for some avoidable action that could have been fixed before the separation.
  2. Running a company that has multiple locations or even a single large location can make keeping track of employees difficult. By documenting what employees have been let go, our agreement protects your business from rehiring subpar employees. This clause is extremely important as it allows your company to prevent former employees who are not welcome back because of the quality of work or some other action slip through the cracks back into your business.
  3. With an increased emphasis on technology and allowing employees to work away from the office, our agreement lists every electronic device or piece of equipment that your employee must return to the business upon their termination or resignation.

Use our employment separation agreement template to quickly and safely break apart from employees and ensure your business's success today.

Employment Separation Agreement