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Daycare Contract Template

Daycare Contract Template

Use our daycare contract template to create a service agreement with the parents of any child attending your daycare.

What to Know Before Using Our Daycare Contract Template

When creating a daycare contract, it is important that you meticulously list all the information that you possibly can. By doing so, you are giving potential parents upfront answers that will help mitigate future conflict. Below we list a few important pieces of information that you should list in any daycare contract.

  1. As safety is on the most important tasks for a daycare, our document includes a provision where parents will list all legal guardians and other individuals authorized to pick the children up from your facility.
  2. Another important piece of information that you should list is the pricing schedules. This will include distinctions for each different age range and time spent at the daycare. This upfront pricing will help parents figure out what schedule their child will be under and allow them to incorporate your facility's cost into their budget.
  3. Finally, you should list the holidays or days that your daycare is closed. By listing these dates before parents commit to your daycare, you will allow them to plan far enough in advance that they will be able to find secondary childcare if necessary.

As each state has individualized daycare contract laws, make sure you understand your state-specific laws. If too complicated, reach out to an attorney who can assist you in creating this document to ensure compliance within your specific state of business.

Daycare Contract