Category: Employment Law

Use our employment separation agreement template to finalize all terms of separation between a company and employee.


Use our independent contractor agreement template to create a contract which outlines what work the contractor will be doing and what kind of compensation will be given by the client in exchange for this work.


Use our confidentiality agreement template to protect company specific ideas and consumer information during business deals or employment agreements.


The Document Vault - Employment Law

Antonoplos & Associates Document Vault contains our selection of prized employment law document templates to help clients generate documents that a typical clients find useful.

Once inside the Vault you choose which employment law document(s) to create.

Please be aware that these forms of employment law documents are intended only as a starting point for documenting the intended business relationship and that before you use any document created using the Document Vault, you should review it carefully and discuss its terms with a qualified lawyer. Using any of the documents generated with the Document Vault inappropriately or without understanding its terms may have detrimental and unintended consequences.

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