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Cancellation of Lease Agreement Template

Cancellation of Lease Agreement Template

Use our cancellation of lease agreement template to formally notify your landlord that you will not be renewing or extending your lease after the original term. Our document can be used for tenants renting residential or commercial property including apartments, houses, and office spaces or retail locations.

What to Know Before Using our Cancellation of Lease Agreement Template

When creating a cancellation of lease agreement, you should ensure that your contact information and new address are correct. This allows your landlord to send your security deposit back and contact you if there are any issues.

Another tip before you leave the property is that you should always conduct a walkthrough. Best practices in this situation would include doing this step with the owner or manager of the property. By going through this step with them, unable to make unnecessary deductions from your security deposit.

During your walkthrough, you should discuss with your landlord or property manager any final actions that need to be taken. These can include dropping off keys or turning certain appliances off.

Finally, requiring the property owner or manager to sign this template ensures that they understand your decision to vacate the property. By having them sign this document, it also encourages them to move forward with you the walk-through request.

Cancellation of Lease Agreement