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Bargain and Sale Deed Template

Bargain and Sale Deed Template

Our bargain and sale deed template and guide will make your real estate transfer fast and efficient.

What to Know Before Using Our Bargain and Sale Deed Template

Buying real estate with a bargain and sale deed equates to buying a used car or laptop without a warranty.

Common names found in this document include real estate seller—the grantor—and the buyer—grantee. Using this document, the seller is saying that they own the property and have the legal ability to sell it. There is one main reason this document is so useful to sellers of real property. If a buyer agrees to sign this document, all liability that the seller had transfers onto the buyer. These possible liabilities include debts, claims, and legal issues that the seller had incurred over the life of the property.

If you are looking to buy a property where the seller is asking for a bargain and sale deed to be signed, you should be aware of the possibility that there may be tens of thousands of dollars of debts associated with the property. Furthermore, there may be other issues with the property that must be fixed. This could also tac on extra money required to put on the property. However, if a seller is pushing for this agreement to be signed, you may be able to receive a great purchase price on the property.

If selling a property, this document should be your first choice for a worry-free sale, however, property buyers tend to avoid signing this document unless they have no other options. One way to entice sellers to buy a property with this deed attached to it is to inform them of the issues associated with the property and offer to lower the purchase price to counter these issues.

Use our bargain and sale deed form to quickly sell your property today.

Bargain and Sale Deed