What is a Will and Why Do I Need One?

April 11, 2017

 What is a Will? A will is a set of instructions, to both your loved ones and to the court, of how you’d like your final wishes to be executed.  Most wills are instructive as to how the deceased individual would like their property distributed after his or her death, however wills are also serve… Read more »

Dying Without a Last Will and Testament

April 11, 2017

A will provides a set of instructions for distributing assets after an individual’s death.  When you die without a will, however, no such instructions exist.  The text below answers a number of questions that individuals have regarding the consequences of dying without a will. Dying Without a Will: Who’s In Charge? Being the executor of an estate… Read more »

Legal Requirements For A Valid Will

April 11, 2017

Legal Requirements For A Valid Will  The formal requirements for a valid will often vary by jurisdiction.  Therefore, when creating a will, it is important to meet all the legal requirements of your state.  If a court holds your will invalid, your assets may fall victim to the laws of intestacy.  Though the law varies by state,… Read more »

Life Events to Consider When Making a Will

April 11, 2017

Life Events to Consider When Making a Will Throughout life, there are different events that people take into consideration when making a will. Individuals often make one will, and then never broach the subject again. This is a mistake.  An outdated last will and testament can cause serious problems during the probate process.  It is important to regularly update your… Read more »

IRA Beneficiary Trusts

March 29, 2017

IRA Beneficiary Trusts Many people use Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”) as an investment tool when planning for retirement.  Like any other asset, IRA owners have the right to name whomever they wish to be the beneficiary of the account.  If you have significant assets, you might want to consider setting up a trust that is… Read more »

Estate Planning After Divorce

February 14, 2017

Estate Planning After Divorce Talking about, and planning for Estate Planning After Divorce is generally considered an off-putting conversation, and is often afforded low-priority status for most individuals. This rings especially true for people going through the emotional and financial turmoil that is divorce and the necessary changes to an estate plan that must follow.  However,… Read more »

Mechanic’s Lien Priority

January 12, 2017

Mechanic’s Lien Priority Mechanic’s lien priority functions differently than the priority of other types of liens. As is generally the case, a lien priority is typically determined by the timing of their filing. For example, the first lien filed with the Recorder of Deeds will be the first mortgage, which carries with it first priority… Read more »

What Is A Term Sheet?

January 11, 2017

WHAT IS A TERM SHEET? A term sheet is the first material written document that passes between a potential buyer and a potential seller in a business transaction. It can range in length and format, although some conventions have developed over time governing what elements are important to include in the document. A term sheet is… Read more »

DC Income Expense Report

January 4, 2017

The District of Columbia Office of Tax and Revenue has revised the 2017 DC Income Expense Report filing program for commercial and multifamily properties. Please note, OTR will no longer be mailing pre-printed income expense report forms to filers as OTR has done in the past. Rather, Income and expense report forms must be downloaded from… Read more »

Guide to Elder Law

December 6, 2016

Elder law is focused on addressing the issues faced by people over the age of 55 as well as their families. The practice of elder law involves preparing each client to deal with the complex issues that arise as we grow older through discussion. There are many legal options available to manage future age-related mental… Read more »